Travel Tips

Mostly dumb tips on travel Loco style.

Photo of some handsome chaps at a beach front restaurant

Burn the GPS

1200 409 Mike Lawson

There’s nothing better than going on an unplanned adventure to a mystery destination. Now it might not be for everyone, and that’s A-OK. But if you love travel and spend too much time on mundane day-today shit, then booking a trip with your friends to an unknown destination is the best. There’s something almost primordial…

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Photo of the ocean taken from a beach bar

Be like Joel

1408 480 Mike Lawson

Joel wasn’t what you’d think of as a Loco Tourismo traveler. He had a few fears and phobias and needed a kick in the pants to get out of his comfort zone. So when he almost backed out of the trip after he found out where we were going at the departure gate, I wasn’t…

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Photo of a beautiful beach at sunset

Don’t fear killer frogs

1200 800 scoops

When Chris, Brian and the rest of the guys went on a secret Loco Tourismo adventure, it was their first time outside the loving, bubble wrapped embrace of the West. Before that they were afraid of roving bands of blood thirsty locals, dengue fever infused food and killer frogs. 5 days later they were pros!…

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Photo of Machu Picchu

In Praise of Stupid Touristy Spots

1920 1047 Mike Lawson

Just because some attraction or town or beach or restaurant is where all the tourists go doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It’s probably popular for a reason so don’t be too cool to check it out. Travel is not a competition and nobody is going to give you a gold star because you purposely…

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Photo of a Mexican Salad – Mezcal, Beer and a chaser

The Food Blog Post

1200 900 Mike Lawson

Sometimes travel is about surfing volcanoes, sometimes it’s about sitting on a beach, sometimes it’s about partying like a rockstar in an amazing city but sometimes, it’s really only about food. There are so many good places to see and good things to eat in the world and if that was the only reason to…

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Photo of 2 policemen.

Pay the Bribe

1200 800 Mike Lawson

Sometimes you may do stupid stuff on a trip. That the cops don’t like. Our advice: pay the bribe. Yeah it sucks to have to pay off some cheeky turd-nugget in a repurposed gestapo uniform for a made up violation, but it’s better than sleeping off the hangover on a concrete slab in tourist jail. …

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