Don’t fear killer frogs

Photo of a beautiful beach at sunset

Don’t fear killer frogs

1200 800 scoops

When Chris, Brian and the rest of the guys went on a secret Loco Tourismo adventure, it was their first time outside the loving, bubble wrapped embrace of the West.

Before that they were afraid of roving bands of blood thirsty locals, dengue fever infused food and killer frogs. 5 days later they were pros! They’d fed crocodiles off a bridge deep in the jungle, they’d surfed and driven motorcycles for the first time, eaten fish and chickens freshly caught, survived a night in jail and generally had the time of their lives.   

Isn’t that what life is about? I can’t say for sure, but I do know what Loco Tourismo is about—living full out.

(We don’t recommend the jail part. just pay the bribe.)

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Book a Loco Tourismo trip and see if there really are killer frogs in the world.

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