Be like Joel

Photo of the ocean taken from a beach bar

Be like Joel

1408 480 Mike Lawson

Joel wasn’t what you’d think of as a Loco Tourismo traveler. He had a few fears and phobias and needed a kick in the pants to get out of his comfort zone.

So when he almost backed out of the trip after he found out where we were going at the departure gate, I wasn’t surprised. He was scared and it took some understanding and convincing to actually get him to get on the plane.

Twenty minutes after we left airport at our final destination and as he drank the first of many beers in the back of a van that was driving us deep into the jungle, I saw the biggest smile I’d ever seen spread across his face. All trepidation was gone.

Now Joel is the king. He is faster, stronger and smarter. He is open to almost anything and he is the president of going anywhere! He got lost with Loco Tourismo.

Will you?

– – –

Book a Loco Tourismo trip and we can guarantee (NOT LEGALLY BINDING) that you’ll learn more about yourself and come away stronger than you were before. Just like Joel.

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