Burn the GPS

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Burn the GPS

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There’s nothing better than going on an unplanned adventure to a mystery destination.

Now it might not be for everyone, and that’s A-OK. But if you love travel and spend too much time on mundane day-today shit, then booking a trip with your friends to an unknown destination is the best. There’s something almost primordial about it; your survival instincts kick in just a tiny bit and your senses are heightened.

Our friends have gone on around ten trips together with only one person knowing the destination and we’re all still friends. If that’s not all the proof you need, then I honestly don’t know what is.

So when Spike asked me to start Loco Tourismo as a business, I was all in. Every year our trip was the highlight of my year (if my wife reads this then it’s definitely the last post I’ll write).

Some of the stuff we’ve seen and done on our trips has been wild, but for me, the best part is that we laugh the whole time. Plus, an extra bonus of travelling with a large group of friends is that when a few people are tired, hungover or just grumpy, others will step up and handle things.

At its core, travel should be about adventure, exploration and fun.

So we try and make sure that every single trip we book makes sure that people will have a blast and really live, even if it’s only for a few days. Then when they get home and head to a boring job or surf absent-mindedly through Netflix shit, they will be daydreaming of the amazing trip they took and the stories they now can embellish.

Our motto is: get lost. We suggest you give it a try.

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Book a Loco Tourismo mystery adventure today. Not tomorrow, today.

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