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Photo of a Mexican Salad – Mezcal, Beer and a chaser

The Food Blog Post

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Sometimes travel is about surfing volcanoes, sometimes it’s about sitting on a beach, sometimes it’s about partying like a rockstar in an amazing city but sometimes, it’s really only about food.

There are so many good places to see and good things to eat in the world and if that was the only reason to travel, that would be enough for me. We’ve eaten entire fishing villages out of tuna, devoured meals of squid stuffed with smaller squid, eaten raw vegetables that taste better than anything you’ve ever put in your grimy mouth and tasted table wines that make that $35 bottle of Chateau Neuf de I’m a-fucking-snob taste like fermented garbage.

On our last adventure we ended up in XXXXXXX where we ate both street food and Michelin star food that was insanely good. Of course some of us got a little to deep into the spirits and Colwyn ended up sleeping on the street before one particularly top notch meal was done. But hey, that’s part of the fun… so was the kitchen dance party we inspired.

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