Be careful what you wish for

Photo of a dude with muddy hands

Be careful what you wish for

1200 795 Mike Lawson

Before our third Loco Tourismo secret adventure, I joked to Simon that he should sign us all up for volunteer work so we could actually give back instead of just being slacker tourists.

Well, wasn’t I surprised when that was exactly what he did. This would turn out to be much more fun than the first two trips and it did not disappoint for even a minute. Sure we got sweaty and sure we had to wake up early and work through some hangovers but it was one of the best.

All that to say, you never know what you’re going to get or what is going to happen. Loco Tourismo is about getting lost, it’s about having fun and it’s about the unknown.

– – –

Book a Loco Tourismo adventure and make your friends volunteer for some hard labour. They might hate it and not want to speak to you for the rest of the trip like Jeff did, but hell, it feels good helping others who need it. And it’s funny to see the look on your friends faces when you pass them a shovel after a big night out.


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