Pay the Bribe

Photo of 2 policemen.

Pay the Bribe

1200 800 Mike Lawson

Sometimes you may do stupid stuff on a trip. That the cops don’t like. Our advice: pay the bribe.

Yeah it sucks to have to pay off some cheeky turd-nugget in a repurposed gestapo uniform for a made up violation, but it’s better than sleeping off the hangover on a concrete slab in tourist jail. 

So sure you save a couple of pesos but you also had to share your urine soaked cell with some over friendly cucarachas. It’s a great story and your friends will probably laugh until they can’t breath but think of the awesome brunch you missed out on.

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Never been arrested? Why not Book a Loco Tourismo adventure. (Note: we do NOT condone illegal acts but sometimes these things just happen. Travel responsibly. This message is brought to you by the Boys and Girls Club of America. (No it’s not.)


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