Destination Unknown

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The drunk Uncle of travel agencies.

We’re proud to be the only travel agency that guarantees you’ll get lost. Why? Because we don’t tell you where we’re sending you.

How this works:

It’s like this: we plan your trip but don’t tell you where you’re going until a few hours before you leave. You can take a Loco Tour (not like your Grandmas), or plan a customized Adventure like this…

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– 1 –

Book your Loco trip.

Call some friends and pick your dates. Then take our Chicken Quiz to find out if you’re Loco enough for this shit.

– 2 –

We plan. You have fun.

We book your travel and accommodations. We send you somewhere cool, but we’re not telling you where, so don’t ask.

Photo of people playing beach volleyball badly
People drinking beer and wearing luchador masks

– 3 –

Go make some stories.

Life is short. Get out there and make some Loco stories that you can bore your friends with for the next decade.

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