We like to blog about Volcanos!

A crazy volcano photo

We like to blog about Volcanos!

1200 919 Mike Lawson

When Tallulah was 6 she decided Disney World wasn’t her thing. She wanted to see an active volcano.

So being the awesome dad that I am, I packed her up and made the 2 day trek from our idyllic beach hut to the interior of XXXXXXX, where lava was spewing. Many death defying taxi/bus/truck rides were endured and bone chilling mountain passes were successfully navigated only to find ourselves in the middle of hurricane Whatshername and a completely obscured cone.

So we saw no lava. But we did find some amazing hot springs which the weather ensured we could have all to ourselves. Perfection. 

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Book a Loco Tourismo trip and we might send you near an active volcano! But we might not. That’s the risk you take.

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